Who is the La Gräfin woman That's a good question... It's you, it's us, it's another ...

​The Gräfin knows it is unique and is proud of it! She is a strong, independent woman!!

Who likes to laugh, when they want, because life is good! Conventions, she frees herself from them as soon as she can't. When some wear dark outfits, she will wear a colour. When some people are going to be serious, she will prefer to relax the atmosphere with a crack or silliness... Blonde, brunette, redhead, tall or short, likes fashion for herself and not follow trends. She mostly follows Coco Chanel's famous quote fashion goes out of fashion, style never. Being unique is also cultivated by having your own style. Her mantra is found at the crossroads between Be Yourself and Sarah Bernhardt's motto Still. Because we still have the right to remain ourselves and to be proud of it!