HELS1NK1 - concept store






HELS1NK1 is a new concept shop located in Luxembourg. Finnish visioner Anne Alastalo has created it with the passion for a sustainable lifestyle without giving up the quality and style.

HELS1NK1 supports brands who are innovative, passionate and ideologist on what they do. We offer only the best sustainable brands. We are socially and ecologically responsible and always look for the products that provide real value to the consumer by how it has made and where.

Each brand has to have clear values and ethos that are respected through the entire manufacturing process from design until the finished product. These values have to be also easy to track down and monitored from outside. The HELS1NK1 team does regular checks and read reviews about brands and their products to be sure of their excellence, safety and ethical approach. More transparent we are, better it is for everyone.


- Halo

- Cossac

- Suite 13

- Nordic Leaves

- Frenn Helsinki

- Pic Style