Human Highness is a luxury sustainable womenswear brand that celebrates the balance, creativity and timeless beauty in simplicity. We believe in elegance with a touch of a superheroic upliftment. For us, it’s important to work closely with the artisans who are making our products and we choose materials based upon sustainability and creativity. Each piece is handcrafted and painstakingly tailored in Estonia, meaning the journey from sketch to the garment is minimised to be based in one small country embraced by its beautiful nature. We are in no way perfect and will never claim to be, but aim to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable to you - if we together empower each other to be centred by love then only good can grow out of it. The brand was born out of the friendship of Tessy Antony De Nassau and Milli Maier. Having met years ago in London - one of the capital’s of fashion - they both instantly felt that they have shared energy that could be formed into something inspiring.